Customer Service Software focused on KCS®

Easy KCS adoption
Get a complete overview of the whole KCS journey, next available steps, dependencies, and achievements, exploring Swarmica Development Tree that guides you through all KCS techniques and phases.
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Knowledge Capture
It's easy for agents to search through available knowledgebase right from the ticket workspace and if such knowledge is missed to capture it immediately with minimal efforts.

Attach, detach the tickets associated with the issue documented in the knowledgebase to observe the product patterns and trends.
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Enable Process Adherence Review and Content Health Check
Define performance evaluators and give them a tool to assess the adherence to KCS process and the quality of created articles.
Provide feedback to agents and make their personal goals aligned with the organization's ones!
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Balanced Scorecard
Agents may see their efficiency and performance in personal scorecards. Managers may observe the whole team or select and compare specific teams/agents
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Issue reduction
A link between an article and associated tickets provides automatic taxonomy for patterns and trends of challenges customers have with the product. Through an understanding of these patterns and trends product management and engineering can influence user experience through product improvement described in the article.
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Executive overview
Budgets are not unlimited. It's always the question of the right balance between the number of headcounts, and its cost.

Looking for the right metrics to measure the effectiveness of the knowledge base?

Check what are your cost saving after the KCS adoption!
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